September 16, 2019
September 16, 2019


The typical Italian food is a culinary experience proposed by the Special Quality Rome tour, which wants to make taste the flavour of the typical Roman Food, strictly to the tourists who are convinced that eating in center, they have eaten typically Italian. Believe us, things are not so.
It’ s so difficult to find in common restaurants, Romans who eat meals they usually eat only on feast days, dishes that are in the Roman culture, with strong flavours.
We will take you to small places where the Romans eat and as customers you will hardly find tourists, but only ordinary Romans. At dinner, in the kitchen there are no chef with 5 stars, but cooks who know how to satisfy an hungry Italian. Obviously, in the suburbs, it will be difficult that the servants speak fluently English. You will not have a menu .If you choose the Italian typical food, you let us, and we will make you taste the real Roman flavour. It will be for you, an unforgettable experience, promised by the director of the Special Quality Rome company.
(on request you can do this experience in the homes of Roman families).

Dinner takes approximately 2 hours.
you will not have a starter, main course or a set menu, but we will advise you the most delicious dishes of the day.
You shall taste all the dishes and you have the basic tastes of three starters, including tanning omelet Roman Zinn.

As a series of ” tastes” for the starter of which “bucatini” , “strozzapreti”, and the butterflies condiments will vary by the type of cook and every cook from the restaurant that do the best.

You will taste “coda alla vaccinara”, “coratella”, “trippa al sugo”, “la cacciatora e l’indivia”, “lo stracotto”, “le coppiette romane”, “carciofi alla giudia”, “le animelle e le testarelle”, the very typical and traditional Roman dishes, so you can have a taste of our city.

Contours will vary according to your wishes.
Eat the bread that will get done only by a wood fired ovens
comes from the wine cellars of the Castelli Romani.

The ingredients are never frozen, always fresh ingredients and because of the great good quality can not please everybody. To offer the very best culinary experience of Rome we make a max of 9 people, so we can delight you.. Reservation is required.

The cost is 95 euros all included
Shuttle bus from hotel to the restaurant a/r
Roman dinner until you say “enough”
Cookbook printed and translated just for you, exclusively dictated by the Chefs

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