September 16, 2019


“Painter, sculptor, engineer, scientist.
Leonardo da Vinci was the most ingenious mind of the Italian Renaissance.
Today, finally, fifty inventions created by Leonardo e
faithful reproductions of the most famous paintings including the Last Supper. “

Room 1
Hall of flying cars and last supper

The first room of the Leonardo Da Vinci Experience exhibition is dedicated to projects, which could make human flight possible, including the hang glider and the aerial screw, an ancestor of the modern propeller, which, however, is said to have never taken flight due to of the unbalanced weight-power ratio.

In the same room you can admire the life-size reproduction of the fresco “The Last Supper”, a work kept in the church of Santa Maria Delle Grazie in Milan.

Room 2
The war machine room

In the second room we can discover numerous projects of military machines such as the bombard, the catapult and the fan-shaped machine gun.

With these inventions, Leonardo revolutionized the war world, also thanks to the invention of the tapered bullet.

Room 3
The hall of princes

Many objects of our daily life are the fruit of the Universal Genius.

From the spring to the study of chains and then to the invention of the bicycle.

In this room we can analyze how much Leonardo Da Vinci is a fundamental figure on the progress of human inventions.

Room 4
Painting Gallery

The fourth room of the exhibition houses most of Leonardo’s paintings, including the infamous Gioconda, The Lady with an Ermine, The Virgin of the Rocks, in her two versions and other masterpieces collected to give the visitor the opportunity to contemplating multiple works at once, otherwise scattered throughout the world.

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